If you really want to do you own thing, be your own boss and lead your own charge, then by all means do it. But, be prepared to do business with all the assets you will need in todays world. Here's a 30 point startup checklist for starting a business.

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Making sure we get the most out of the resources we invest in by making them visible and available to all the people in our ecosystem that value them.  Making customers feel that they're valued by giving them experiences--with our products, services, support, and billing--that are seamless and easy to use.


       client services 

Mercer1 dedicated team of professionals will meet your staffing needs. Our sincere approach regarding relationships with our client is paramount. 

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Whether you've been unfairly profiled or are facing a serious  DUI  driving issues, make sure you have legal assistance. What to do if you get a ticket?...

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                Business Benefits


If you're having difficult finding a job, or an internship, Mercer1 likely has potential opportunities with job posting. Plus career centers will also host guest speakers to talk about the job markets, social, media, and other career related subjects.... Ga. Dept. of Labor.   ..[ read more ]